The importance of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

By Qasim Eisa

June 3rd, 2013


Today the subject for our valuable readers is about integrated marketing communication. (IMC)

What is Integrated Marketing Communications?

IMC is a management concept designed to make all the marketing communications aspects such as public relation, direct marketing and sales promotion to work together as a unified force rather than permit each to work in isolation.

So IMC is changing advertising, public relation and marketing, and it makes some people who work in such business mad as hell.

IMC is a common-sense idea.

Instead of dividing all the communication into several overlapping departments, organization use one strategy for everything. They make all the communication solid with one message and one strategy.

For example once the company decide how uniquely able to meet a particular customer’s need, every message based on those conclusion.  Sine there is one message everyone from the reception to the CEO can be a salesperson for that message.

I think now it sound pretty clear for all of us what is IMC.

The May 15th issue of O’Dwyer’s influential PR newsletter says “PR people fear the transformation of PR to advertising by corporate masters because there is more profit in advertising.

O’Dwyer saying in the IMC that “PR member is a member of five or six members team, and often sets up the ad theme.

Ironically PR is already marching on marketing.

Relationship marketing is based on keeping an existing customers by making them feel good about the supplier rather than endlessly trying to find new customer by the rough imagery of advertising. Relationship marketing is PR. Total customer satisfaction is PR.

Ads agencies meanwhile have also trouble with IMC. Many see IMC as a way to steal clients from PR agencies.

Some agencies eventually turn all IMC problems into advertising problem, perhaps because the creative department does not win industry awards to write news releases

But while the ads have the advantage of persistence and control, PR driven news has a greater credibility. Combining both also can make sense.

It sound to us the problem like having too much chefs and not enough cooking.

Now we will provide you with the model of  IMC:

Model for Integrated Marketing:

 Integrated Marketing communications is more than the coordination between a company’s outgoing message between different media and the solidity of the message throughout.

Integrate marketing communications

is an aggressive marketing plan

Integrate marketing communication is an aggressive marketing plan that use and capture an extensive amount of customers information for setting and tracking the marketing strategy.


Steps in integrated marketing system are:

1-Customer database:

It is an essential element to implement integrated marketing and that helps in segment and analyze the customer buying habits.


Insight from the customer database analysis is used to shape marketing, sales, and communications strategies.


Once basic strategy has been determined, the appropriate marketing tactics can be specified which best targets specific markets.

4-Evaluate Results:

Customers’ responses and the new information about the buying habits are collected and analysed to determine the effectiveness of the strategy and tactics.

5-Complete the loop:

Do it again from the beginning.

The result of what we get in this post will lead us to additional fact which is the growth of IMC.

Reason for the growth of IMC:

-Changes in the marketplace.

-Changes in the organizational structure.

-Changes in the consumers.

-Changes in the communications.

Do you find this post helpful? Kindly share your opinions to let other get the ultimate benefit out of it.

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  1. Marketing is very important for any industry. It’s making services and products are widely known by people. A good marketing is depending on who you are working with.

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