Advantages and Disadvantage of Direct Mail

By Qasim Eisa

Today is unusual day for talking about something we at times hear. It is direct marketing and more specifically direct mail.

Here in this post I will show you some of the advantages and disadvantages of direct mail.

But first let me talk about direct marketing for a while then we will move to direct mail as an addressable media.

Direct Marketing

So What is direct marketing?

As we have already seen direct marketing as discipline within marketing of planned record, analysis, and tracking of B2B and B2C response and transaction for the purpose of developing and prolonging a mutual and profitable customer relationship.

Direct marketing is a form of marketing that attempts to send its message directly to customers using addressable media such as mail or email.

Direct Marketing (DM) is attractive to many marketers because its effectiveness can be measured directly.


Direct Marketing Channels:

Any medium can be used to deliver communication to a customer can be employed in direct marketing. Direct marketers refers to this media as “addressable” to distinguish from mass media such as TV, Radio, and print.

Probably the most commonly used medium for direct marketing is direct mail, in which marketing communications are sent to customer by using postal service.


I think everybody now has a clear understanding about direct marketing and direct mail as a medium used in direct marketing.

Now we will move to our subject which is the advantages and disadvantages of direct mail.

Advantages and Disadvantage of Direct Mail

Advantages include the following:

  1. Specific targeting: Clearly the most important aspect of direct mail is that it can be targeting exactly a specific, individual customer.
  2. Personalization: Direct mail can address the customer personally depending on previous experience based on the stored database.
  3. Optimization: Because of its direct response nature, the marketing campaign can be tested and varied to obtain the optimal result.
  4. Accumulation: Responses can be added to the database allowing for future mailings to be even better targeting.
  5. Flexibility: Direct mail campaign can be mounted quickly on a variety of topics of overall promotion campaign.

Disadvantages includes the following:

  1. Cost: The cost per thousands will be higher than almost any other form of mass promotion (Although the wastage rate will may be much lower)
  2. Poor Quality Lists:The mailing list may initially be of poor quality, (With duplicate names and old addresses) They maybe expensive to clean and may be contribute to offending customer.
  3. Relatively lack of development: The techniques of direct mail, even now, unsophisticated and this may mean that the medium is less effectively used.
  4. Some individual opt out of direct mailing and you may not send them mails to their addresses.

The greatest disadvantage in terms of consumer marketing is the poor image that direct mail holds. Its popular description, as “junk mail” is well deserved and historically accurate.

Mailings have been poorly planned, poorly targeted and poorly presented.

Please share us your comments and point of view for better understanding…

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