Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

By Qasim Eisa


Are you a distance learning student?

Do you face some difficulties in studying your course?

Do you have fear toward your examination results?

Our post today covers everything related to students of online and distance learning.

First let me talk about traditional learning at full and part time programs. Below I list some characteristics;

What is The Characteristics of Offline or Campus learning?

  1. Offline learning students have predetermined schedules.
  2. Campus and classes are the bedrock of Offline learning.
  3. Teacher, students and learning atmosphere are all tangible things of student’s life.
  4. In Offline there is always some thing is pushing students to keep studying because there is deadline.
  5. Motivation inspired from the atmosphere whether from students, teacher, library, etc

As we find how offline learning offers a variety of advantages to its students.

there are also some disadvantages for example:

  • If the student is working he can’t easily manage his time with studying full time or part time course.
  • The tuition fees of full time is usually higher than online learning.
  • Time is also an important factor in full time programs, wherein students should drive to college’s campus, find a parking, arrange their schedule in advance, etc.

You will find now the differences between full time, part time, or offline learning program, and the online learning and distance learning.

What is The Characteristics of Online Learning or Distance Learning?

  1. Students of distance learning or virtual learning can study anytime and anywhere from their laptop.
  2. No deadline, and there is always extension for the duration of  the study with some extra fees.
  3. Saving time is most important advantage, where no need to travel, drive to your college, and no parking difficulties.
  4. Student can studying on sofa, desk, or even bed. It is more comfortable.
  5. Tuition fees are somehow lower than full or part time programs, anyhow USA universities’ tuition fees are in same level with full time program.

As a student you notice how the disadvantages of full time learning are converted to advantages for the online learning and vice versa.

So advantages of campus learning or full time programs are fully or partially will be converted to be disadvantages for distance learning students.

  • The social part of full time study is not available for online learning students.
  • No campus, teacher, students, or library available.
  • Student is alone, he has to do everything by himself.
  • No motivation for the student to push himself like his peer students campus learning.
  • Students of online learning should have the self-motivation to study, and their time management should be accurate.

We see the advantages and disadvantages of the both studying mode, so students of the online learning enjoy a comfortable way to study but in the same time they should have extra self-motivation to study more, and research more on each subject and issue they are studying.

As a student of distance learning,  it is  important to manage your time, motivate yourself, and do many research to have the full knowledge about the subject you are studying.

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